4 Reasons You Are Behind on Your Goals

and what to do about it

Did you set goals for yourself and family at the beginning of the year and now it’s June and you are wondering what the heck happened?  How did it get to June and you haven’t accomplished any of them?  Or maybe you can’t even remember what they were?  If so, here are four reasons why you may be behind and how to fix them.

Photo credit: Will van Wingerden

You Attention Was Diverted to Other Things

It isn’t always easy at the beginning of the year to fully anticipate all that life will bring you over the course of a year.  Sometimes things come up that are totally unexpected and you have to deal with them.  Taking your time and attention away from the goals you set.  Some of these diversions are more important and some of them just feel more important but the reality is they aren’t.  The key to managing these distractions and diversions is to be really mindful of them when they come up and purposeful in how you respond.  When confronted with these things take some time to pause before reacting, responding and ask yourself, “Is this really more important than my goals or my family’s goals?”   You might be surprised at the answer.

You Lost Enthusiasm or Motivation to Continue

Some goals are really hard.  They require a lot of hard work and persistence.  Or sometimes you start working toward your goals and realize they really aren’t something you wanted.  When this happens your motivation and enthusiasm start to fade and you find yourself spending less and less time on them.

When this happens you can either refocus yourself by remembering and reconnecting with your Why or modifying the goal all together.  Your Why is the reason the goals was important in the first place.  Why’s like you want to be healthier, you want a better relationship with your kids, you want to be debt free, etc.    So if you have found yourself faced with a lack of motivation, start by remembering your Why and try and use it to get yourself refocused.  Or possibly it wasn’t necessarily the Why , but rather the strategy.  There are often a lot of ways of accomplishing a goal and if one strategy you try doesn’t work rather than give up, try something else.

You Didn’t Make Your Goals a Priority

If you want to achieve your goals you have to make them a priority and fight hard from letting the day to day demands of life distract you from working on them and accomplishing them.  You can do this by taking time to review them each and every week, scheduling time on your calendar to actually work on them, and getting serious about saying no to things that distract you from accomplishing them.

If you don’t make time to work on the things important to you and your family, you will end up feeling frustrated and resentful.

You Set Too Many Goals

I know you have a lot of plans and ambitions in life and there is  a lot you want to accomplish, but the reality is you are a busy parent balancing a lot of things.  So rather than set a large number of goals I encourage to you set just two or three and work really hard on just those few.  Use your family vision, mission, and life plan to help you decide what the top two or three goals should be and just get super focused on accomplishing them.  Remember, you can always add more goals if you get these few completed.

Accomplishing meaningful and purposeful goals, is not easy.  And it’s easy to get lost along the way.  But if you want to truly live a life you love and really make a difference in the lives of your children, finding ways to fight through and overcome the setbacks is key.   Keep pushing yourself.  It’s worth it.