About Polly

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Hi, I'm Polly and I'm very happy you are here.  I am the founder of Families with Purpose and this is my family.  They are the reason behind everything I do.

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and I am the youngest of four kids.  Ever since I could remember, I longed to live in the "big city" and as soon as I was ready for college, headed straight for the closest big city I could get to without my parents objecting (too much), Pittsburgh.  There I met my husband, got a couple of business degrees, and learned how to be a Steeler fan.  Opportunity and jobs called us to Detroit in 1992 and this is where we have been ever since.  

I work full time outside the home in finance.  I manage budgets, create business plans, and develop valuations for companies we are interested in acquiring.  

As you can see, I have four daughters.  I love being their mom.  I know a little bit about family, girls, work-life balance, productivity, and time management.  I know nothing about crafting and raising boys 🙂

Here are a couple of blog posts where you can get a better sense of who I am – My Biggest Parenting Mistakes and Before They Leave.

And here is my family.



Katie is the oldest (17) and your typical first born.  I am continually amazed at her maturity, kindness, and ambition.  She is a spiritual kid and very wise beyond her years.  She is always watching and NOTHING gets by her.  If I don't want the truth, I go to Katie.  Her kindness makes it really hard for her to tell you the truth.  She is editor of her high school newspaper and a youth elder at our church. She also works part-time at TCBY.



Jennifer (16) is the kid I go to when I need honesty.  Whether I like it or not, she tells me like it is because she really values authenticity.  She is fun, joyful, and confident.  I've learned over the years to never underestimate her.  She is smart and driven.  She just likes doing it her own way and never flaunts it.  And though she doesn't like to admit it, she has a big heart and tries to find the good in everyone.  She has a lot of friends to prove it.  She also has a blog called, The Purple Branch.  She will be working as a intern at our church this summer.



Grace is 12.  The quiet cautious one.  She too is a thinker, but unlike her sister Katie, keeps it pretty much too herself.  It is hard to know what she is thinking or feeling at times because she doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve.  You just need to trust that she is thinking and feeling and watch for the silent signs.  She takes a lot of pride in what she does and when she puts herself out there, likes to make sure she gives it her best.   She loves order, structure, and her dad.  And like her dad, hates anything messy.  She is also Joe's only hope of having an athlete in the family…



Lilly is the busy good natured one.    She is continually taking on new projects, organizing parties and events, and gets along well with just about everyone.  She doesn't let anything hold her back and doesn't like being told she can't do something.  She has congenital glaucoma, has undergone 4 corneal transplants, and is almost blind in one eye, yet she doesn't seem to know it.  She is only 9 and her father and I are worried that we won't have the energy to keep up with her.



He is just a regular old Joe and that's what everyone (including me) likes about him.  He has taught me how to relax, have fun, and not plan everything.  He is a risk taker when I'm not.  He has this natural innate confidence that I both admire and at times hate.  He is also a REALLY REALLY good dad.

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