The Power of a Great Checklist Part 2

How I Use a Checklist to Keep the Girls Focused on Family Commitments

Last week I wrote about the power of a great checklist.  This week I wanted to follow up with an example of how I am using a checklist to keep my girls focused on getting their family commitments done during the day.  Here is a screen shot of the checklist I created for the girls. […]

The Power of a Great Checklist

  When it comes to organizing your life, there are a lot of great tools out there to help.  At a minimum every busy family needs at least some type of calendar and task management system.  But one tool that you may not have considered is the checklist.  A checklist when created correctly is a […]

Make Room for Christmas

Guess what’s coming soon… MORE STUFF – especially for your kids! More games, toys, trinkets, and clothes. Where are you going to put it all?!?! Don’t wait until the presents are opened to deal with them. Instead, make room for Christmas NOW! Every year leading up to Christmas (and before my son’s birthday) we make […]

Organizing Your Home for Family Fun

Do you remember playing a non-electronic game with your family and loving it?  I do!  I have fond memories of sitting around the kitchen table laughing during a game of UNO© (it was only funny when someone else was on the receiving end of a draw-four).  I always loved counting out Monopoly© money to purchase […]

Destination: Organized

    Can you imagine traveling across the country – without a map (or GPS)? It’s certainly possible to make this trek, BUT… Would you make it to your destination? What path would you take? How would you know if you were headed in the right direction? How efficient would your route be? What great […]

Small Tips That Make a Big Difference

  If you’re like most people, your kitchen could always use a little organizational help.  For that reason I’m offering up some small tips that make a BIG difference!  I implemented each one of these in my kitchen, so I can tell you from personal experience – they help! Lazy Susan:  Tired of your small […]

Did We Pay the Electric Bill?

Is there a pile of mail on your countertop or kitchen table? Chances are a few bills are mixed in that pile… unopened and forgotten. Perhaps you’ve even paid a bill late before because you either couldn’t find it or didn’t remember it was due. Sound familiar? If it does, first – don’t worry, you’re […]

Time Busters – Busted!

There are SO many things vying for our attention and spreading us thin. Many are obvious (like an overflowing sink full of dirty dishes or the demands of a crying baby); others not so much. The subtle distractions are the ones you need to be cautious of… the things that steal minutes from our day […]

The Someday Challenge for July

The other day I saw this post by Troy and Taryn over at Intentionally Refined and got to thinking about trying something similar but with a different twist.  I have this list, some of it is written down, some of it is mental, of all the projects I would like to someday tackle.  Whenever I […]