What to Do When You Are Worried

I worry.  I will lay awake at night worried about the stress my daughter is under over college decisions and high school exams.  I worry my oldest won’t pick the “right” college major or how she is adjusting to college life, and that my 14 year doesn’t like to read.  None of this worry of […]

What Are Your Triggers?

Why We Go From Rock Star Parents to Raving Lunatics

There are times when we handle things well and times when we don’t.  After all, the kids have bickered over what to watch on TV a thousand times and sighed at the sight of broccoli on their plate more times than you can count.  Why is it some days you handle the situations well and some days […]

How to Be a Better Parent

  Parents get a lot of flak.  There is often a lot of talk about all we are doing wrong in raising our kids and everyone is quick to generalize and judge all parents based on one bad experience or example.   I just read a blog post about how 10 year old’s are coddled.  It […]

My Biggest Parenting Mistakes

I tend to be the type of person who does a lot of reflection on both the wins and fails in life.  My husband says I over think and over analyze everything.  Anyway, on a long car ride back from visiting family in Pennsylvania, I got to thinking about some of the parenting mistakes I […]

Free Webinar – How to Get Your Kids to Listen without Nagging, Reminding, or Yelling

Tired of the yelling? Tired of the whining? Tired of being tired? You’re not alone. From toddler temper-tantrums to teenage talking back, parents wonder what it takes to get kids to cooperate.  If you’re tired of nagging, reminding and yelling to get kids to listen – this session is for you! Families With Purpose is excited to […]

How I Manage Chores

Similar to allowance, managing chores in my home has been a learning process for me.  I have tried many different ways of assigning and managing chores and have finally found an approach that works best for my family.  Here is what we do to manage chores in our home. Chores are no longer called chores, […]