Hi and thanks for wanting to get in touch with me.  Before you email me, here are some common questions I get and the answers to the questions.  

  • Can I write a guest post for your blog? – Thanks for the offer, but right now I am not accepting guest blog posts.
  • Can I use your blog posts or resources for my mom/parent/etc class, in my newsletter, or on my website?  Sure, all I ask is that you include the following byline on all printed material and if online include a link back to  Byline – Families with Purpose is an online resource dedicated to helping families build their best life. To learn more about what they do and find additional ideas, visit them at
  • I have a website that would be a great resource for your visitors.  Will you link to it? – Sorry, but no.  When I find something worth sharing with my community I will add it.

If you still want to contact me, please email me.