Defining Your Family Identity

Defining your family identity is the first step in cultivating a strong family life and solid relationships. A family’s identity is expressed in your family values, goals, vision, and mission statement. Defining and establishing a strong family identity can help your family live fulfilling happy lives while also helping families better navigate through problems, significant life choices, and obstacles. Families can use the resources below to help them get started.

Does Your Family Have Purpose? – Here are some quick ways to tell if you are a Family with Purpose.

Create a Vision for Your Family – The first fundamental of defining your family identity is to establish the direction or what we will call a family vision. The family vision is an articulation of your ideal family life and what you want your family to be. It is that picture you see in your mind when you think about how you want your family life to be.

Write a Family Mission Statement – A family mission statement is a written statement of what you want your life and family to be and the values by which you will live your life.

How to Use a Family Mission Statement – Family mission statements can be a very powerful tool for your family. Use one to help set goals, regain your focus, make big decisions, and remember your passion.

Family Goals – Family goals are the way in which families live and carry out their family vision and family mission statement. Once you have defined who you are as a family and what you want for yourselves and each other, it is time to take action and define family goals to help you achieve your vision.

Overcoming Obstacles to Your Family Goals – No matter how well thought out your family goals, obstacles and setbacks will happen. Use these tips and suggestions to help you get unstuck and move beyond the setback.

Tackling the Yeah But's – Overcome the negative thoughts, beliefs, and objections to your family goals.