Family Activities and Traditions for Celebrating Easter

Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt – On Easter morning make a treasure hunt for the kids to find their baskets. Start the first clue with a note from the Easter bunny on the kitchen counter and let your kids run throughout the house and yard looking for the other clues and eventually their baskets. You can use those plastic Easter eggs to hide the clues. Don’t worry if not all your kids can read, parents or older children can read for them. It is great fun and a wonderful way for your kids to work together.

Start a Garden – Use the Lent and Easter season to start your summer garden by starting flower or vegetable seedlings inside. Not only will your kids love digging in the dirt, but they will also learn how a seed can symbolize the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Crown of Thorns – Purchase a grapevine wreath to represent the crown of thorns that Jesus wore on his head. You can place a white candle in the center and as a family take some time each week to light the candle, pray together, and read Easter stories

Easter Egg Roll – For families looking for a twist to the traditional Easter Egg hunt, try an Easter egg roll similar to the one done every year on the White House lawn. The object of the game is to see who can roll their egg the farthest down a small hill or slope without breaking the egg.

Celebrate Each Other – For many, Lent represents a time of sacrifice, but for others Lent is often a time to celebrate the joys in your life. At the beginning of the Lenten season, place each family member’s name into a bowl and draw names of the person each family member will celebrate. Then for the entire Lenten season, each family member can in quiet ways celebrate their chosen person, by doing special things for them or recognizing them for something special. On Easter morning share with each other the names each other had drawn.