Family Meals

Regular family meals are an integral part of a strong family life and yet can be one of the hardest most troublesome tasks for busy parents. Use these ideas and suggestions to help you make family meals a priority without losing your sanity.

Family Meal Planning – Eliminate the stress and pressure of meal planning with these family meal planning ideas, strategies, and tools.

Healthy Family Meals – Help your family make healthy food choices and live a healthy life with these tips and ideas.

Family Dinner Conversation Ideas & Activities – Make mealtime fun and meaningful with these unique ideas for family conversation and fun.

Articles on our Blog

Cooking with Kids Without Losing Your Mind – Do your children constantly bother you in the kitchen wanting to help you cook, but you just want them to leave you alone because it is quicker and easier to do it yourself? I know what you’re thinking; cooking with my kids will create a bigger mess in the kitchen, it will take longer to prepare the meal, and I don’t have the time or patience. Well I am here to tell you that the benefits of learning, fun and family time outweigh the mess and extra time it takes.

Planning Meals When You Hate Planning – How often have you heard us say it? Plan your meals ahead of time and it will make your evenings easier. Easier said than done isn’t it?

Putting the FAST in Breakfast – Back to school means back to busy mornings. Alarm clocks, school lunches and a 5-year-old who insists on wearing shorts year round (despite the fact we live in Chicago), breakfast often consists of cereal on the go. Luckily we have a few recipes up our sleeve that are fast and easy to make in the morning…that’s right we are putting the fast back into breakfast!

Tips for Grocery Shopping – Love it or hate if you want to eat, you need to go grocery shopping. Here are some tips to make this time consuming task more organized and efficient.

Menu Planning for the Busy Mom – When working with moms one of the biggest organizational challenges they have is the age old question. What’s for dinner? With crazy busy schedules, we all know there are days when you simply don’t have time to cook or the dinner hour snuck up upon you catching you unaware and you end up going through the drive – thru or order carry out. There is a simple solution for this called menu planning.

Got Dinner? – “We are so busy!” Sound familiar? This is the most common excuse for families eating on the go and eating apart.

Top Eight Healthy New Year Habits for Families – As the New Year begins, many families try to begin with a clean slate and resolve to create healthier habits. The holidays are often a time when unhealthy habits are created by indulging in sugary treats and fattening foods and drinks, which are plentiful between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Everyone can benefit from a fresh start in the New Year whether the goal is to lose weight, improve health, or just to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are the top eight ways to create healthier family habits in the New Year.

Healthy Snack Tip – Fill a segregated serving bowl with pre-washed and pre-cut vegetables, fruit, and cheese. This is a great way to give kids quick healthy choices with little fuss. Set it out right before the kids get home from school or on the table right before dinner is served.