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Family Guide: Monthly Mission Activities

Instant access! No shipping required! The Family Guide Monthly Mission Activity book is the perfect resource for busy Christian organizations and families looking to add mission work into their lives, congregation, or organization.  See About the Family Guide and Table of Contents sections for additional details.

Family Mission Guide

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About the Family Guide

Make helping others a family activity with this one of a kind mission activity eBook.  Families, churches, and Christian organizations can use this family guide to plan and organize mission projects.  The eBook comes with 12 mission activities, lesson outlines, supply sheets, talking points, fact sheets, prayers, and suggested Bible verses.  Download a sample activity or see the Table of Contents for additional details.

Please note, this product is an electronic eBook in PDF format. Once your order is placed and your payment is processed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download and save your eBook. To download, read, and print this eBook, you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

Included in the Family Guide

  • 12 Monthly Mission Activities
  • Each Lesson Includes:
    • Overview Page - Provides an overview of the month in outline form including the month's theme, Bible verse, mission point, description of the need or group serving, and mission activity.
    • Focus & Prayer - Written for the parents as spiritual background and preparation for the month's activity.
    • Lesson Outline - Suggested talking points for parents to facilitate discussion and share information with children about the month's mission activities.  Space is provided in the margins for parents to make notes. 
    • Mission Activity - Activity sheets provide instruction on how to implement and conduct the family's mission.  The sheets identify the mission activity, purpose, supplies, steps to complete, and wrap-up discussion points.  Templates also provided when necessary.
    • Fact Sheets - Fact sheets offer additional information about the population your mission activity serves.
    • Family Closing Prayer - After completing the mission activity, the closing prayer offers children an opportunity to express joys and concerns.
    • Download a sample activity or see the Table of Contents for additional details.

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Table of Contents

Month Activity Name Description
1 Help Families Like Us – Offer Comfort to Families in Local Shelters Prepare Soup and Placemats for Homeless Shelters
2 Share Expressions of Love Pot a Plant and Visit Seniors in Retirement Homes
3 Collect Food for the Hungry Food Collection at Local Grocery Store and Deliver Food to Local Food Pantry
4 Help Shelters God’s People – Learn about organizations that build shelter Assemble Toolboxes/Donate Tools and Build Bookends (provide a special place for a Bible in a new home i.e. Habitat for Humanity).  Donate these items to organizations that build shelter
5 Support Our Military Create “Comedy-Care” Packages
6 Care for God’s Creatures Learn about organizations that support/protect animals.  Make Animal treats
7 Learn about and support local community helpers Prepare Grab n Go Food Buckets, Make a Firehouse Meal
8 Help Others Read the Word Make Bookmarks, Assemble Learn to Read Bags
9 Remember to Care for Others Share Bible Stories with Seniors at Local Retirement Homes
10 Help Local Kids Like Me: Work with Local Organizations to Help Kids Get Well and Stay Healthy Assemble Busy Bags; Assemble First Aid Kits for Health Clinic
11 Share Bounty & Thanksgiving Shop for Food and Fill a Holiday Meal Box
12 Spread Joy and Praise Bake Holiday cookies, Go Caroling

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Family Guide: Monthly Mission Activities