Family Routines

Family routines are an easy inexpensive way for parents to bring calm to their homes and peace to their lives. The predictable rhythm of a regular family routine can help children feel secure and learn responsibility and once fully ingrained help busy families find more time for each other. Use the following resources to help establish a daily family routine in your home.

Family Routine Resources, Tips, and Ideas

Create a Daily Routine – A strong daily routine for your family can be a powerful way of bringing peace to the chaos, reducing stress, and making kids feel safe.

How to Keep Track of Your Family Routines – Keep your family routines visible and track your progress with these suggestions and tips for tracking your routines.

Daily Routine Printables – Stay committed and on top of your daily routines with these free daily routine printables.

Anticipating Disruptions to Your Routines – Prevent disruptions from happening to your family routine by learning to better anticipate them.

Managing Disruptions to Your Routines – Half the battle of sticking to a daily routine is managing the inevitable disruptions. Use these tips and strategies to help you navigate when things don't go according to plan.

Articles on our Blog

Creating Bedtime Routines – Nothing gets a parent more exhausted and worn out than night after night of no sleep. The truth is that when we think of the idea of going to sleep, it sounds like a tempting proposition: moms rarely feel that they get enough of it. They long for a good night of deep rest as a traveler in the desert longs for fresh water! But for our young kids, the idea of getting to sleep is not nearly as appealing. It means the fun has to stop and most kids will let you know of the disappointment via tantrums and crying.

Simple Questions Every Family Should Ask Themselves the Night BEFORE – At first I was reluctant to write this post because on the surface it seems so simple and not very helpful. But after forgetting to communicate with my oldest daughter for the past two weeks about a commitment I had and being forced to communicate via taped notes to the door, I decided that maybe there was merit in writing about some simple but often overlooked questions every family should ask themselves prior to the start of a new day