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About the Life.doc

In the spirit of focusing on the 20% of organizational tasks that are critical - the Life.doc® is designed to help you get your most important information truly organized.  We've researched what information you need to keep track of, and designed easy-to-follow formats that enable you to collect that information quickly, so you don't have to waste time worrying about what you might be missing.

The binder has eight sections (In Sickness & Health, Dollars & Sense, Insurance, Legal, Emergency Plan, Family Basics, Caregiver, Home Sweet Home) that encompass everything from your legal documents to basic household contact information, so you'll have the data you need whenever you need it.  Simply fill in the information that each section calls for, and you'll have a complete index to your life's most vital data in no time.  Each section should easily be completed in an hour or less.  Give yourself peace of mind - get started today!

Included with the Life.doc® Binder is a CD Rom you can use to type in your information rather than hand write your information.  Simply feed the Life.doc® forms into your printer. The CD Rom works both on the PC and MAC.

The Life.doc® Binder has 120 pages (including tab dividers) and measures 10 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches.  See Inside

When Will I Need Life.doc?

Emergencies - In the event of a tornado, flood, hurricane, or fire, you will have all your critical information easily available. 

Unexpected Death - No one ever wants to think it could happen to them, but unfortunately sometimes bad things do happen.  In the case of a death of a loved one, using Life.doc to capture all your critical information will help dealing with a very difficult situation slightly easier.

Elderly Parents - For anyone who has elderly parents, Life.doc makes is so much easier to stay abreast of their parent's medical history, financial matters, and home maintenance contacts.

Travel - For parents who travel a lot for business, getting in touch can sometimes be a struggle.  Make it easier for the home front spouse or nanny with Life.doc.   

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What Critical Information Does Life.doc Organize?

Emergency Plan - Life.doc organizes information on the family's emergency plan, emergency contacts, and important items to grab (e.g. photos)

Family Basics - Life.doc provides enough forms for information up to four family members.  For each family member, Life.doc organizes work and home contact information, date of birth, and additional work contact information such as boss' name and phone number, HR representative's name and phone number, assistant's name and phone number, and a 401K/Pension contact and phone number.

In Sickness & In Health - Life.doc captures all the nitty gritty details of four family members' medical information.  Information like doctors' names and phone numbers, allergies, surgeries, immunizations, prescriptions, and medical insurance. 

Insurance - Life.doc organizes all the important details of your life, home, health, rental, valuables, disability, liability, pet, long term care, mortgage, and auto insurance policies.  Information like the insurance company name and contact information, policy numbers, agents names and numbers

Dollars & Sense - This is where you use Life.doc to organize all your critical financial information.  Information on bank accounts, financial professionals' contact information, loans, partnerships, credit cards, safety deposit boxes, and real estate. 

Legal Ease - This is everything legal like wills, trusts, lawyer contact information, powers of attorney, pre-nuptial agreements, marriage license, birth certificates, death certificates, adoption papers, divorce papers, and much much more.  Life.doc lets you document location of the important documents as well as descriptions, and important contact information.

Caregiver Information - This is everything your nanny or daycare provider needs to know about your children.  From contact information, allergies, special need instructions, insurance policy information, to specifics of managing the security alarm.  Life.doc covers it all.

Home Sweet Home - This is where you keep all the important contact information for all those people who help you manage your home.  Life.doc captures them all from the nanny to plumber.

Pets - Purchase the optional Pet.doc™ and keep track of your pets too!

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Life.doc Tips & Tricks

Life.doc comes with a generous supply of forms that you can either fill out by hand or use the CD-Rom to fill out.  But mistakes do happen and things do change, so be sure to make a copy of at least one blank set before filling them out.  Also, if you have more than four family members, you will want to make copies of the blank family member forms before filling them out. 

After you have completed all the forms, make a copy of the completed forms for your safety deposit box or for a safe place outside your home like at a family member's or close friend's home. 

Add a reminder to your family calendar to review the information at least once a year for changes or additions.

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