When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan

Life doesn’t always go as planned.  No matter how much we plan and work toward our goals and dreams we just can’t seem to get things to work out the way we hoped.  So if you are feeling frustrated about your lack of progress toward a goal or disappointed in how your life is turning out, here are three things to think about and hopefully help you make more sense of your new path.

Your Vision Wasn’t the Right Vision – Sometimes we build plans and set goals around ideas of who we think we are or around things we think we should be doing (“should do’s”) and then end up getting stalled because we never really connected with the vision in the first place.  So if you find life not working out as planned, stop to make sure you are working toward the right life.

Embrace the New Direction – Sometimes things happen in our lives we didn’t plan and for reasons we don’t necessarily understand and our best and possibly only alternative is to make the best of the new path.  In the big scheme of things we really don’t have much control at all, so rather than fight it, sometimes it is just best to embrace it and find the new meaning.

Be Open to Alternatives – There are a lot of different ways of living out our lives and reaching our goals, so sometimes it is best to be open to alternative paths rather than being fixated on just one.  Focus on the feelings and emotions you want to experience rather than the specific things and you may be able to find different ways of achieving the same thing.

Good luck!