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Party OrganizerParty planning has never been easier than with the Party Plan-It Organizer.  This handy well thought out organizer helps you keep track of all the details with handy checklists, party guidelines, pocket dividers, and an expandable file folder. 

The party organizer is divided into 4 sections - Party Guidelines, Cocktail Parties and Open Houses, Small Parties, and Large Parties.  Within each party section is room to keep track of budgets, party details, guest lists, notes, and menu's for up to 4 cocktail parties, 4 small parties, and 3 large parties for a total of 11 parties!

In addition, each party section has 2 pocket dividers for receipts, menus, and notes and at the end of the organizer is an expandable file for recipes, contracts, and party ideas.  Not quite sure?  Take a look at the Table of Contents and some suggestions on How to Use the OrganizerClick here to see a larger image.

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Table of Contents

  • Party Guidelines
    • So Many Reasons to Party!
    • My Little Secrets (Resources)
    • Party Themes, Icebreakers, and Games
    • The Invitation
    • Ambiance: The Five Ingredients
    • Stocking the Bar: Full Bar Setup
    • How Much Food to Buy
    • Dinner Parties: Seating and Serving
    • Party Timeline
    • Dinner Parties: Set a Perfect Place
  • Cocktail Parties and Open Houses
    • Budget
    • Planner
    • Menu Planner
    • Notes
  • Small Parties
    • Budget
    • Planner
    • Menu
    • Notes
  • Large Parties
    • Budget
    • Planner
    • Menu
    • Guest/RSVP List
    • Notes

How to Use the Party Plan-It Organizer

  • Planning is key for hosting a great party that both you and your guests will enjoy and remember long after.  Plan early.  Make lists. Shop smart. Do ahead as much as possible.  Not your style?  It's easier than you think if you have the right planning tools.  You might find yourself throwing more parties when you see how easy and enjoyable it can be.

  • This planner includes timelines, party planners and menu planners for planning three types of parties: The Cocktail Party or Open House, the Small Party, and the Large Party.  There are also budget sheets in each section with plenty of room for notes.

  • Besides the planner pages there is some great reference material to help you pull off a perfectly flawless event, such as the five ingredients of party ambiance; the information that absolutely must be included in an invitation; everything you need to stock a bar and how much to stock for all types of parties.  Also included in the reference pages is a handy guideline for how much food to plan.  Trying to decide between family-style-sit-down dinner or standing buffet?  Check the guide to seating and serving, and be sure you follow table-setting etiquette!

  • Keep notes about your parties - what worked and what didn't, whether or not you provided enough food, if you ran out of red wine, if your budget was off.  Keeping track of these things will help you plan better the next time around so you can continue to hone those party-throwing skills and secure your reputation as Party Master!