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My First Scavenger Hunt

My First Scavenger HuntMy First Scavenger Hunt is a great activity for energetic youngsters. To play, take a card and ask the players to find the object shown, such as a toy, a sock, or something red. At the end of the game, challenge the players to put everything back as fast as they can. My First Scavenger Hunt is Great For: Improving Vocabulary, Teaching color, shape, and number recognition, Encouraging creativity, Fostering listening and observation skills, and Reinforcing good cleanup skills. Includes 55 cards and instructions. Ages 3 to 5.  How to Play

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How to Play My First Scavenger Hunt

The goal of My First Scavenger Hunt is to find the objects on the cards. To play, shuffle up the deck and select a card.  Show the card to the player(s) and ask them to search for the object nearby and bring it back.  After the players find the object, select a new card and play again!!


After playing several cards, challenge the players to see how fast they can put everything they found back where it belongs.  To make cleanup the most fun, say "Go" and then start slowly counting down from 30.  Keep a record of fastest cleanup times.


  • Place three cards on the table.  Challenge the players to try to find all three objects as fast as they can. 

  • Select one card from the deck.  Challenge the players to find as many examples of the object as they can in 30 seconds.

How to Plan Your Scavenger Hunt

  • Make sure all the kids playing are the right ages for the game.  If the kids are either too young or too old, they will quickly become bored, frustrated, or discouraged.   

  • Go through the cards before the start of the game and remove any that may be too difficult or that may take the kids into a room of the house that is off limits. 

  • Establish the ground rules of the scavenger hunt game early with the kids.  Go over good sportsman ship (i.e. no pushing) and which if any rooms in the house are off limits. 

  • Set out any supplies you may need for your scavenger hunt prior to the start of the game.  Supplies like pencils, paper, crayons, etc. 

  • Use either an egg timer, stove timer, or stop watch to help you keep track of the time. 

  • Scavenger hunts can be a lot of fun, but kids can become suddenly disinterested when it comes to putting all of their finds back where they belong.  To make cleaning up easier and fun, challenge the kids to put everything back in it's place within a certain time.  Consider rewarding them with an additional treat if the beat the time.

When to Use a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt games are great options for anytime, but come in especially helpful for these times and events:

  • Rainy days - nothing makes kids crazier than being cooped up inside with a lot of unreleased energy.  Use the scavenger hunt games to keep them busy and entertained.

  • Birthday Parties - Scavenger hunt games are an easy party game for your child's next birthday party.  With all the ideas already thought out in advance, these games make planning the birthday party that much easier.

  • After School - After sitting all day in school, scavenger hunt games are a great way to get kids active and a great alternative to TV.

  • Girls Scouts or Boy Scout Meetings- Use scavenger hunt games as a team building exercise at your next meeting or on the long car ride to Girl Scout camp.