Sometimes I Worry What You Think


Mother and children on swing

Sometimes I worry about how you interpret my message.  Sometimes I worry you read this newsletter and think you need to be this completely pulled together parent whose house is always clean, who never forgets anything, and whose kids are always well behaved and polite.   I don’t write things like In a Perfect World or How I Make Meals Everyone Likes  to champion the cause of perfectionism.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  I write about using time maps, planning calendars, and giving your kids an allowance to give you some tools to help you better balance your life not perfect it.  So to prove to you that my life isn’t perfect here are pictures of four things that went unpicked up, un-cleaned and unorganized these past two weeks


And here are 13 things I did instead.

  1. Watched the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory with Jennifer
  2. Trained for a 5K race with Jennifer
  3. Went on a date night with my husband
  4. Had a movie night with my husband
  5. Planned a 25th anniversary trip with my husband. Vegas baby!
  6. Helped Katie pick out a homecoming dress and shoes
  7. Went shopping with Katie and Jennifer for outfits for our upcoming family portrait and senior pictures
  8. Took Grace and her friend to 7-eleven for Slurpee’s and to pick up their race packets for their 5K. We enjoyed the health fair too.
  9. Went to Lilly’s Brownie bridging ceremony
  10. Took Grace and Lilly shopping for birthday presents for their dad
  11. Took the girls for ice cream
  12. Made homemade soup with Lilly
  13. Got 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night plus a couple of naps

So hopefully you can see my life these past couple weeks wasn’t perfect, but it was balanced and focused on the right things, the important things.

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