What About You?

This is post is for us.  Not for the parents who we are.  Just for us as people, as individuals, as souls separate from who we are as parents, spouses, friends, and children.

What About You?

Because if we want our children to be excited about their lives, we must first be excited about ours.  We have to step back and ask ourselves “What do I want for me?”  “What do I need, so that I can feel fulfilled, alive, and excited?”

If we do our job correctly, our children will one day grow up, leave home, and begin their own wonderful lives.  No longer needing our constant presence, help, and guidance.

What then?  What do you need?  What do you want?

Don’t be afraid to write it down.  Don’t be afraid to name it.

Fear will hold you back.  Fear is what says “someday when they are older.”  And someday comes and you have forgotten.

Fear says “people will think it’s silly” or “you aren’t strong enough” and “I don’t know how.”

Write it down.  Name it.  Acknowledge it.  It can be a simple phrase or statement.  All you have to do is write it down.  Don’t push it aside.

I want to write a book

I want to lose weight

I want to change jobs

I want to work outside the home

I want to start a business

I want to start a non-profit

Just write it down.

I am unsure.  Where do I begin? Just write it down.  Simple phrases will do.






Just write it down.  Don’t be afraid.  Name it.  Acknowledge it.  That is the first step in doing something for you.